News & Events
   July. 16, 2010
Work Order for construction of Bridges/Underpasses/GS/Flyovers & Box Colvert at NH-8 KM. 128.000 to 144.770 of AMC Project Limited. Gurgaon to Jaipur road.
   June. 27, 2010
Opening of office in Mandawali
   July. 01, 2010
get up new project kmp kundali maneswal palwal flyover and GS
   July. 2, 2010
metro susank lok 2 maneshwar fabrication work
Director Message
I want to give a messes “0 to Hero” And “From Floor to Goal”. “Mai to akele hi chala tha Jane be manjil magar log ate gye karwa banta gya.”
                  Md.Hazi Sabir Ali (Director)
It's the driving force behind the company which believes that nothing is actually impossible at FCPL, we believe in constantly setting newer and higher goals and targets for ourselves and to surpass them each time
" FCPL as am infrastructure developer is activity partnering in the nations multi digressional growth with special focus on infrastructure FCPL is creating assets for the nation in various sector like roads & highway , structure , railway , urban infrastructure thus effectively creating vital infrawealth for the nation. So that India benefits and moves ahead.
What we do ?
1. To undertake civil work all type s construction including building work ,bridge work(CX,PX,AVUP.UPSS,UPMS,Miner Bridge, Pile cap ,well cap, pier, pier cap, I girder, Box girder, etc.)
2. To undertake mechanical work .All type of fabrication & erection work. And all required items.
3. To undertake civil work all types of Highway.
4. To undertake schemes or projects either jointly with other corporate bodies or institutions on agency basis.